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Massage therapy keeps my muscles loose and helps me function better on the job.  Jennifer’s massages are a treat I look forward to every month!

-Kathy Jagow

I have had many massages over the past 30 years and without a doubt Jennifer is the most professional, the most therapeutic of all I have tried.  She has greatly improved my life by giving me back my lost mobility.  She’s the best.                                                                                                                

-Bill Dooley

Jennifer’s massage relaxes and rejuvenates me.  I feel it helps release toxins from my system and helps my body to heal itself where it needs healing.  She has magic fingers, and knows what she is doing.  I am grateful to know her.

-Dorothy Fletcher

I wait for the touch of angels’ wings!  Jennifer has the mystical ability to find each place where tension exists and to move it into complete release.  She finds the knots that have tied themselves into my neck and breaks each one. I feel a lack of mass; a lack of negativity; a lack of any resistance!  I am a river flowing through a wooded meadow; finding my way between mossy boulders-laughing in my new freedom!  What a gift she give me!

-Barry Fletcher

Every time I leave after massage I feel like a new person.  I feel more grounded and have an increased sense of well-being.  Massage is a great healing art and Jennifer is a fantastic artist.  She is massage-a wonderful healer.  Thanks for all you do for me.

-Cherie Delf

Getting a professional massage is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Getting a massage at Ray of Light means you are getting the absolute best. I’m 67 and over the years have been to many massage therapists.  I have to tell you that Jennifer Harris is like, say, going to Eddie Martinis for a steak dinner.

-Ned Schiff

Massage therapy alleviates pain, discomfort and stress for me.  It helps me not only physically but helps my mental and emotional needs.  It also seems to relieve the arthritis in my spine and generally increases my awareness of the mind-body connection.  After a massage I feel a feeling of “well-being” that touches all areas of my life.  I think it helps me maintain good health in general.


My job is very wearing on my body.  When I go in by Jennifer, I can’t wait for her to work my tight, stiff muscles.  I feel her massage distresses me as well.  Sometimes I have to call for an extra massage due to working too hard.  My husband likes how Jennifer helps me to recover from hard work.  He notices how much happier I am.

-Anita Muckerheide, Rural Carrier

Massage has greatly improved my quality of life.  It gets rid of the stress and makes me feel rejuvenated!  I don’t know what I would do without you?!?

-Kim Schmit

I have been seeing Jennifer for some time now for cranialsacral therapy.  The gentle pressure she uses in this therapy releases tension as if by magic.  It gives me relief from a long term headache, allows me to turn my head from side to side without restriction, and relieves tension in my neck and shoulders.  This is more than massage and I respect and recommend Jennifer's abilities.

-Louise Klas 

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